My friend is doing a small giveaway for the 1 year anniversary of her health food blog! If you want to enter you just have to comment on this post.

The lucky winner will receive favorites from the Hungry Hobby kitchen such as quinoa granola, Sunbutter (sunflower seed butter) and homemade cookies (your favorite kind)!

Subscribe to her blog via e-mail if you’re interested in easy, healthy recipes. Or you could bookmark this page for some yummy recipe links.

(I’ve been running this blog for almost 4 years now and 99.9% of the posts have been cats in sinks so I hope you’ll forgive this one post trying to help a friend out…and you can always blacklist the tag “not a cat in a sink" if you never want to see posts by me that aren’t cats.)

not a cat in a sink giveaway cat posts are still set in the queue for this afternoon!